Rezwana Chowdhury

Rezwana Chowdhury is the Vice Chairman of RM Group. She comes of a distinguished family in Bangladesh, distinguished by public service. She is responsible for Research and Development (R&D) Strategy of RM Group – and, that translates to RM Group defining its niche, on a continuous basis, within the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Five Year development agenda of Bangladesh. Her affection for R&D stems from her dream to see her nation as one of the most innovative nations in the upcoming years.

She is well-versed in systemic thinking and her capacities also take her to arenas of public relations, stakeholder management, and social innovations through corporate support.

She has lead RM Group’s negotiations vis-à-vis mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Her M&A insights and/or prospecting had been instrumental to RM Group’s growth over the years. It is perhaps her ability to align a robustly formulated strategy, with spontaneous/emergent opportunities, that garners the highest respect from her peers and employees.

She has aptly articulated RM Group’s position in promoting/distributing publications from the Bangabandhu Gobeshona Foundation. The feedbacks from the campaign continue to be positive – RM Group has not only advocated, through such publications, the need for a larger frame to hold the events of Liberation War 1971, but that doing so shall enable the Bengali people to understand the “Islam of Insaaf [Justice]” Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman loved and the secularism he instituted against communal disharmony and religious extremism.

Under her innovative leadership, especially through RM Foundation, gender equality has taken center stage. One project she directly coordinates is about scaling up the ventures of women entrepreneurs who might be underserved by mainstream Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) financing. Vocational and Technical education (VTE) is also being extended to the entrepreneurs as part of the empowerment process.