Md Omer Sharif Raju

Md. Omer Sharif Raju, a Member, Board of Directors and Head of Information Technology (IT), is an avid learner obsessed with making technology service human dreams.

He deployed his knowhow and competence both in the public and the private sector. He deeply appreciates the time he spend as a Junior Consultant of Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (BTRC). He worked to formulate Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) policy for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) with the intent of reducing gray VoIP traffic in Bangladesh; he monitored International Internet Gateway (IIG) bandwidth and inspected VoIP equipment seized by law enforcement.

His exposures to telecommunications monitoring (say, establishing several cross networks platforms on Windows Server and Windows Desktop) and/or knowledge of Interconnection Exchange (ICX) services, International Gateway (IGW) services, Mobile, and Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), allow him to take on various challenges in the sector.

He worked as Research & Development Consultant at WorldTel (a PSTN Company in Dhaka). He made major decisions about mobile tower expansion; call rate and infrastructure; configuration and maintenance of all switching circuit; billing and network equipment. He has also worked as Network Administrator at Century Solutions Ltd (Call Center and Software Development in Dhaka).

Here in RM Group, he finds greater meaning and space for his yearning to see technology service human dreams. His insights into how to gauge organizational requirements and create customized software are deeply appreciated; he contributes to Group’s overall strategy too.

One of his current projects include coordinating a team responsible for producing a software similar to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) that shall aid the Group’s top management to implement strategies.