Khaled Hasan Matin

The Managing Director (MD) of the Group, Mr. Khaled Hasan Matin, has core competence in global financial markets and/or financial management. Irrespective of his vast professional experience where such competence is indispensable, he harbors deep intellectual interests in the subject(s). He is a graduate of the prestigious University of Texas at Austin (USA) where he focused on Economics and Business. It had been from his academic days that his interests grew in global financial markets especially how such markets impact the real economy and the lives of the commoners all around the world; he is a fervent advocate of financial markets reform and wishes to see finance professionals execute their fiduciary responsibilities in all fairness.

He established a real estate and mortgage business in Austin, Texas, way back in 2002 and continues to run it successfully alongside other business concerns of RM Group (in Texas, that is). The point to accent on is his leadership in not allowing herd mentality to dictate financial decision-making in any of his businesses. He is deeply cognizant of systemic thinking, the perils of business analytics in the midst of dynamic complexity, and the chicanery that can become standard practice in rendering financial services.

The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) 2008 had been a singular chapter in his life. He believes that it should teach everyone the value of the real economy, the realization that risk management can never equate the divine, and that we must refrain from embedding baseless assumptions in our financial (profitability) models. He ensures that his innovate leadership hinges on systemic thinking vis-a-vis causal mapping and/or simulations. For example, the following causal map on GFC, penned by Professor Cameron Guthrie of Toulouse Business School (France), is an example often used by Mr. Matin to motivate his team members:

In recognition of the need in a post-GFC world, he has constituted a strong Project Management Office (PMO) to make the operational aspects of RM Group much more coordinated with crossdepartmental teams; compartmentalized business functions can always contribute to ethical blindness and myopic strategic thinking.

To cite how strongly he values the real economy and that fundamentals of a business entity should inform the financial markets, he worked tirelessly to establish businesses in sectors like Integrated Agriculture, Media, Education, FMCG, Trading, Shipping, Consultancy, Hotel & Resorts, Construction & Engineering, and Information and Communications Technology (ICT). His ability to discern leverage points in situations of dynamic complexity has afforded the businesses aforesaid to attain growth in profitability and to be hailed as credible names in their respective markets.

His commitment to sustainability, social justice, and environmental security stems from his love for his nation, the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Notwithstanding the fact that his family is seamlessly associated with the Liberation War of 1971, Mr. Matin had been tireless in seeing to it, as a Bangladeshi, that the beacon of Bengali language, culture, and heritage gets perpetuated at the world stage.

He is a member of Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI), Chief Advisor of Dhaka University Financial Leadership Club, and an Advisor of South Asian Business Club. He is an Advisor too of Youth Career Institute. However, he values most his Advisory role in the Bangabandhu Gobeshona Foundation lead by the able hands of Mr. Sheikh Wahiduzzam Al Wahid.

As MD of the Group, he had been actively distributing books and materials published by the Foundation. It had been Mr. Matin’s lifelong commitment to present what Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman accomplished for the survival of the Bengali people and Bengali language, to present how deeply Bangabandhu loved the “Islam of Insaaf [Justice].”