Our Values & Culture

  • Sustainability
  • Social Inclusion
  • Innovation
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Adaptive Leadership

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Our Vision

We strive to be a conglomerate in service to the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, and shall ensure at the same time, that we exemplify, in theory and practice, the timeless principles of sustainability, social inclusion, and environmental stewardship.

In essence, we shall strive, with products and services, to attain, to the extent possible, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations for all individuals, businesses, and governments of this precious planet.

We shall contribute to realizing the Five Year Plan or development agenda of our government. As a business, we shall consider profit as a mere corollary to our efforts to build social capital and/or trust in a multi-stakeholder context. Systemic thinking or being able to provide innovative leadership in shifting situations shall keep us humble, and ever mindful of the need to operate within our planetary boundaries -- environmental stewardship is critically tied to the interests of all our stakeholders.

Our Mission

To deliver quality products and services in the business sectors we identify for ourselves, sectors that would be constantly reviewed, and conducive to realizing the development agenda of our nation, the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

Systemic thinking shall always inform our mission statement since emergence is a reality in today’s interdependent markets and/or societies.

Our Mission Statement

  1. To engage in trading and manufacturing with the intent of gaining technological knowhow/transfer, raising the technical competence of the workforce, and minimizing carbon footprints
  2. To engage in intensive, integrated agriculture with the intent of ensuring food safety/security, generate e mployment, and contribute to research in emergent climatological conditions
  3. To provide a range of products and services germane to Information and Communications Technology (ICT) with the intent of generating employment, matching ICT to the needs of our nation, and encouraging economy-wide innovations. Empowerment of citizens through various facets of ICT, enterprise resource planning (ERP) as standard business practice, and digital marketing, are also very connected issues for our business
  4. To engage in various capacities, from consulting to supplies, with the construction sector; our nation is in a building phase and that too with renewed vigor
  5. To engage in dredging works, from extraction of sand to dredging for river management; our national plan for river management may single-handedly make us more than a strategically important nation in the Indian Subcontinent
  6. To engage in logistical and/or transport services; we see great potential in reducing national unemployment and sustained efficiency gains for our various businesses
  7. To provide a range of educational services: Vocational and Technical education (VTE); Pre-Schooling and/or Child care through to Secondary education; and, University or higher education. We wish to strive for interdisciplinary emphasis in primary/secondary education, and in higher education, we wish to train a generation of leaders who can respond to highly complex or dynamic situations.
  8. To contribute to the tourism sector of our nation by launching hotels and resorts; this is a very important sector, and expanding too, for generating employment and career satisfaction
  9. To run a Shipping Line conducive to both goods transport and passenger transport; we anticipate the synergistic impact of this in our hospitality and logistics businesses
  10. To provide various news and media services; we are concretely aware of the central role of such services in nation-building. Journalistic and Media ethics will be never compromised as we strive for peace, security, and prosperity for our nation
  11. To engage in anything or everything conducive to building of social trust and/or capital. We pursue such mainly through the RM Foundation, and only our imagination can be the limiting factor to what we wish to achieve. Currently we are pursuing the empowerment of women entrepreneurs to market their products/services; charitable contribution to various just causes is also coordinated by the Foundation. We will venture into other areas in unison with the development agenda of our nation, and see to it that businesses sense that profitability is a mere corollary when sustainability and social justice take center stage