Syed Saadman Chowdhury

Mr. Syed Saadman Chowdhury is a Director of RM Group who, asa Business Analyst, is linchpin of the Business Intelligence team. He had been servicing, with competence and integrity, the field of financial management (especially financial decision-making as entrepreneurs and managers). As a partner of Financial Training and Management Consultants (FTMC), he worked in various projects with the Department of International Development (DFID), United Kingdom.

He firmly believes that financial decision-making models need to accommodate sustainability as envisioned by the United Nations, and has counseled multiple businesses in aligning their financial investments with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

His competence, however, is not confined to that field alone. He also is skilled in instituting organizational changes through Business Process Re-engineering (BPR); beyond mere financial information, he believes that businesses can only thrive if holistic thinking or systems thinking is considered a motto. BPR is not a mere quality-efficiency question for him: He comes to think of such management orientation as inculcating humility and as resisting groupthink.

He also believes that non-quantitative factors like legal framework or political cycle must be deeply considered in formulating management strategy that is robust.

His holistic thinking and/or BPR skills found ground in several companies and educational institutions, both here and abroad, where he introduced digital solutions and staff training to solve problems. The vocational-training programs he instituted made extensive use of systems thinking – causal and feedback loops, and case studies. He has penned multiple cases to train staff to adapt to complex situations.

He is passionate about business development, entrepreneurship and innovative ventures. He especially sustained an affinity for those in medical accessories, agro, and textiles. Currently, he is deeply immersed in strategizing/launching of various ventures and projects of RM Group in say, FMCG, Shipping, and Education.

RM Group values his deep analytical skills, skills that are tempered by his deeper emotional intelligence, and recognizes his commitment to organizational success.