Shorif Talukdar

Shorif Talukdar, the Executive Director of Business Relations, had been an unmistakable practitioner of what is now understood as Peace Journalism.

His ability to formulate bridge-building communication strategies, in multi-stakeholder contexts, is widely acknowledged by his peers in the world of journalism/media.

Such an orientation serves him well in executing the trust bestowed on him by RM Group; apart from attending to the business relations dimension within budgetary constraints, he finds himself as critical to serving the Group’s aspirations in the arenas of public relations and media.

The following can only ‘sample’ why he adds value to RM Group.

He serves as: A. Editor and Publisher of The Daily Kalantor Sangbad (; B. Presenter and Newscaster for Bangladesh Television and Radio. He also serves as: A. Organizing Secretary of Bangabandhu Soinik League; B. Vice President of Bangabandhu Shishu Kishor Mela; C. Secretary General: Bangladesh of Online News Portal Editors’ Council.

His Awards/Recognitions include: A. Nelson Mandela Memorial Gold Medal Award; B. South Asian Journalist Forum of Bangladesh Award; C. Poet Sukanta Literary Society Award.

Books he Edited/Wrote include: A. Gonotontrer Ovijatri Rastronayak Sheikh Hasina (Edited); B. History and Heritage of Trisal (Edited); C. Vashoman Jibon (Novel).