Saima Sultana

Saima Sultana is the Head of HR and Administration of RM Group. She has an MBA (Human Resource Management) from The University of Asia Pacific, Bangladesh.

Her specialty obviates the presence of social skills, skills informed by research across various disciplines. That said, HR had never been a limiting factor for her – she has demonstrated adaptive leadership in all areas of business. The incisiveness of her competence is best exemplified by her experiences in working for international companies operating in locations like the United States, Costa Rica, and Hong Kong.

Her adaptive leadership skills can perhaps be best traced back to her teaching years. What began as preparing students for IELTS, quickly got her to be recruited by esteemed UK Curriculum schools of our nation – Loretto, Scholastica and Lakehead Grammar School. She took on all the challenges found in such schools – from implementation of curriculum to planning for extracurricular activities.

She knew that she will explore HR challenges in the corporate world as a matter of automaton. Transitioning to such challenges here in RM Group had been always part of her competence: Her prior positions like Lead Recruiter or Talent Acquisition Expert speak volumes. RM Group found itself enriched by her presence.

She has always known about the ‘inseparability’ of a business entity from its employees. She has always accented on the timelessness of motivation and/or workforce morale as especially critical to success for a conglomerate like RM Group which prides itself as one which supports social innovation. She is sublimely mindful of the strategic dimensions of human capital in an ambiance of diversity. Her conflict resolution skills had been widely acknowledged by her peers.

Her adaptive leadership skills or her ability to provide leadership in shifting situations attest to her ability to remain open to new ideas, manage change, and encourage employees to adopt a learning orientation. Her presence in top management has made RM Group employees think of themselves as ambassadors, ambassadors who subscribe to the principles of sustainability, mutual respect, and deontological ethics.