Md. Abdullah Al Mamun

Md. Abdullah Al Mamun is the Head of Banking here in RM Group. He excels at undertading the nuts-and-bolts of banking practices here in Bangladesh, a banking sector that is functionally decoupled from the global banking and/or financial markets.

Protection of internal markets through that decoupling notwithstanding, protection is also ensured through gatekeeping of corporate information.

As such, professionals in the banking sector learn their craft out in the field; and yet, that can not guarantee wholesome comprehension of highy indigenous or customery practices. Passion to learn would be an inescapable virtue.

Mr. Mamun holds a passion to not only understand the indigenous aspects of the banking sector of Bangladesh, but also, how to transport that knowhow in making the private sector contribute robustly to the economy of Bangladesh. He is sublimely versed in the socio-political clime of corporate finance. He has over 15 years of experiences in banking operations and sales management – he walked the halls of industry leaders like BRAC Bank, City Bank and Trust Bank. And, he has negotiated with top corporate entities like Unilever Bangladesh, Bashundhara Group, and Nestlé.

Sustainability through ethical financial management fascinates him and he sees himself as an ambassodor of a Group which has couched itself most within social responsibility and innovation.

Apart from providing adaptive leadership to the Group’s banking relations, he pursues his intellectual interest in banking regulation, an interest he has had ever since he completed his MBA from the State University of Bangladesh. He honed his skills further by volunteering to attend numerous training programs (he has obtained a certificate on “Marketing Competence for Managent” from the Institute of Business Administraton, University of Dhaka). He considers banking regulation a critical factor in a world that witnessed the Global Financial Crisis of 2008. He also believes that responsible bank-corporate behavior can greatly contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and in realizing the current Five Year Plan of the government lead by our Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

He always wears a smile and his peers acknowledge his passion to see a just world serviced by a banking sector in unison with the corporate world.