Jinia Jarin

Jinia Jarin, the DMD of RM Group, is passionate about corporate social responsibility and/or businesses contributing to social innovations, innovations conducive to sustainability and inclusion of diversity.

Her postgraduate accomplishments in English Literature (MA from Titumir College, National University) and Business Administration (MBA from Prime University) attest to her broad academic exposures; and, her humanitarian pursuits, early in her career, take us irreversibly to the conclusion that she seeks a meaningful life.

She started her career as a teacher of Autism Welfare Foundation (AWF). The very awareness of autism, or the necessity to be open about the condition, was not that strong in those days. But she knew her calling and saw it fit to do all that she can to bring meaning into the lives of those affected and make people see the meaning in serving autistic individuals., Business Analyst, RM Group.

She moves on, as a Program Officer, to a much broader agenda espoused by the Society for Education and Inclusion of the Disabled (SEID), in terms of “[promoting] social inclusion and … rights of children/persons with disabilities, … disabilities especially Autism, Down’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and Intellectual Disability commonly known as neurodevelopmental disability (NDD) and the Multiple Disabilities (MD) as well.”

She internalized advocacy skills and appreciated the complex social realities within which she must operate; she realized most that every stakeholder must be listened to and understood.

Hence, although she has partakes in RM Group’s overall commercial activities, she is most dedicated to her humanitarian core. Her roles and functions remain adaptive, from corporate strategy formulation through to communicating corporate social responsibility. RM Group is honored by her presence and passions.