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Agro &

We fully appreciate the gravity of the challenges in this sector. Because certain planetary boundaries had been breached.

Global temperatures are currently 1 degree Celsius above the average (at the least), we know that an anticipated 9 billion people on this planet, by the year 2050, shall require nothing short of another Green Revolution.

We wish to purse an intensification in the Agro-Fisheries sector without compromising on health and safety. We are mindful at the same time, the pivotal role being played by the Government of Bangladesh in incorporating the Sustainable Development Goals in the national development plans.

To that end, we shall work closely with Government’s vision regarding this sector and will not compromise on the needs of our population, and of course, we shall also want to cater to world demand as and when we can.

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As hinted above, the entities here usually evolve from the experiences we gather while trading certain goods. For both the domestic and foreign markets, we decide to explore manufacturing once we know that a market can be created, is undersupplied and/or we can ensure better quality.

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  • M/S RM Dredgers
  • RM Construction Equipment
  • RM Construction & Supplies Ltd
  • RM Contractors & Construction Ltd

We are one of the leading suppliers of construction materials like stone, brick, sand, iron rod etc. in Bangladesh. The entities in this sector are managed by a team of professional engaged in its various facets for more than a decade and have gained immense reputation at home and abroad.

We import heavy duty equipment from abroad for sale or for rental in Bangladesh. We have also procured heavy-duty vehicles needed to transport the construction materials cited above.

We also aim to fully integrate with Bangladesh Government’s comprehensive river management plan. We have procured dredgers for loading sand from river more as a pilot project to extract valuable lessons from conducting such operations. We plan to have a comprehensive presence in dredging and associated activities within the purview of river management.

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We wish to own a Shipping Line that shall cater to both goods transport and passenger transport aligned to our country’s needs.

We are prospecting from versatile Lighter Ships, suitable, in general, for container transport, from Mother Vessels, to the main port as well as inland ports.

We also wish to explore passenger transport, in a general sense and/or as part of the tourism/hospitality industry. Various Sea routes and River routes, the permits thereof, are currently being considered.

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Logistics &


We wish to be at the forefront of educational services. Unprecedented in world history, we are seeing education travelling to students and concerned parents.

It is not about accessibility and quality only: Parents and students can now want more from educational systems – from at the level of the school to that of a university.

We wish to cover the breadth and depth of educational services currently practiced and imagined. To that end, brick-and-mortal investments are on the same platter as those required for online operations, or some ‘amalgamation’ of the two.

Being mindful of the empowering power of education, we wish to cover the whole nine yards in terms of pricing – it should, at times, be administered, without any monetary charges. We are only limited by our imagination and/or the capacity to innovate.

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RM Systems embodies the sectoral interest of our central management's Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Digitization.

Our fervent focus is to have organizations, both in the public and private sectors, embed the ICTs relevant to their goals. Without state of the art, appropriate and customized technologies aiding such organizations, maximizing value for the stakeholders, in monetary and/or in qualitative terms, shall be impossible.

We are a one-stop center for all our stakeholders: Our valued clients can best attest to our primacy to sincere problem-solving. We believe that our competitive advantage lies in our ability to customize solutions which our clients know, from their own indigenous performance measures, that they are being both innovative and transcending global benchmarks.

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RM Systems are providing ICT/Digital solutions in the following areas

  • Enterprise Resources Planning
  • Customized Software Solution
  • System Integration and Networking
  • Face Detection and RFID Technology
  • Organizational Security

News and Media

We wish to continue the eternal struggle of providing news and associated ink-on-paper that shall create value for a society, and by export, value for the entire world. We are airing ourselves through an online news portal and other media products/services are being planned.

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